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26771 Howard Chapel Dr
Damascus, MD, 20872


Rider Biomechanics coaching in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Greater DC region. Emily teaches on school horses in Damascus, MD and travels throughout the region to do clinics and give biomechanics talks. Learn how to sit well, how to have a truly independent seat, legs and hands, and eliminate conflicting signals which confuse the horse. A student of learning theory, Emily uses the most modern coaching techniques, including deep practice and positive reinforcement, which have been proven to be some of the most effective methods of coaching to date.


Rider biomechanics coaching with Emily

Book a free biomechanics lesson using my free online scheduler right now. Receive before and after photos and video to document your progress.

Biomechanics for horse lovers

Love your horse? Love horses, all of them? Show it not just on the ground but from the saddle as well, by making yourself easy to carry.

  • Below you will find the different services I offer. Choose one, and you can choose what day and time work best for you from the days and times I have available. If you can't access a day or time, it means I'm not available. You and I will receive email confirmation of the lesson details as soon as you book. No payment is required at time of booking.

  • If you want to ride a school horse or trailer in choose the "at Topline” or " in Frederick” option.

  • If you want me to come to your barn (ie, not Topline), choose the "your barn" option.

  • If you have never had a lesson with me before and you would like to chat first, schedule a Free Phone Consult.

  • If you would like to watch me teach a lesson before you commit to one for yourself, let me know and I will make it happen.

  • I am fully insured to teach and would be happy to provide documentation to your farm owner upon request.