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26771 Howard Chapel Dr
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Rider Biomechanics coaching in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Greater DC region. Emily teaches on school horses in Damascus, MD and travels throughout the region to do clinics and give biomechanics talks. Learn how to sit well, how to have a truly independent seat, legs and hands, and eliminate conflicting signals which confuse the horse. A student of learning theory, Emily uses the most modern coaching techniques, including deep practice and positive reinforcement, which have been proven to be some of the most effective methods of coaching to date.

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Clinics given by Emily and clinicians hosted by Heart of Riding

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Book a Clinic with Emily at your Barn

If you have a few riders at your barn who would be interested in trying some Ride With Your Mind Biomechanics, I will come to you.

What is RWYM Biomechanics? Here's a little excerpt from Mary Wanless' website:


Oh yes it is! And though it isn't Western riding or Polo, it is the skills that the top few riders in each of these disciplines share, even though they may not recognise that fact. The laws of physics and biomechanics do not change when you change your riding discipline, and they have not changed over time. But by using different language to describe those skills we make them far more accessible and reproducible. Few trainers in any discipline can 'clone' riders who replicate their skills; but we can.

When riders use their body to say it in the language 'horse', their riding becomes extremely ethical, and horses miraculously 'get it'. It takes a while for new skills to become natural, but soon enough the rider appears to have talent!

I am happy to teach anyone and everyone, whether you are an eventer trying to improve your dressage scores, a trail rider trying to feel more secure going up and down hills, or a western rider doing western dressage. I can help dressage riders looking to move to the next level and riding school riders who have reached the limits of their current instructor as well. Nervous riders, nervous horses, and supportive auditors are encouraged!

Learn with your friends: have your trainer ride with me so they learn how to teach biomechanics to you. 

Clinics can consist of only mounted lessons, or can include an hour long unmounted workshop, where I'll have interactive demos, illustrations, Q&A time, and show exercises riders can do at home to help build their muscle memory.

Rates vary depending on how far away your barn is and whether or not there is a "ring fee", but I try to keep the cost down so everyone can participate.

Contact me at or call me at 240-587-RWYM and we can get started!

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