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Rider Biomechanics coaching in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Greater DC region. Emily teaches on school horses in Damascus, MD and travels throughout the region to do clinics and give biomechanics talks. Learn how to sit well, how to have a truly independent seat, legs and hands, and eliminate conflicting signals which confuse the horse. A student of learning theory, Emily uses the most modern coaching techniques, including deep practice and positive reinforcement, which have been proven to be some of the most effective methods of coaching to date.

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Heart of Riding: Seriously powerful riding instruction

Non-traditional coaching. Rider biomechanics for all disciplines in Montgomery, Frederick, Howard and Carroll Co Maryland. First lesson free for new students.

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Photo credit: Kathryn Eszeki

Photo credit: Kathryn Eszeki

Karen Y.
0d ago

Emily is very patient and uses visualization and connections to help me improve.

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Hi Emily,
I just wanted to tell you that Gypsy and I had a wonderful ride today.  I went out early and spent about 1 1/2 hours with her on the trail.  I honestly felt that this was the first time that I was completely at ease with her the entire time.  She was the most relaxed that I have experienced when it was just the 2 of us.  I felt like we were partners! 
I was able to concentrate on the things that I have been learning in my lessons and felt that things were coming together more than they have in the past.  I also noticed that Gypsy was making progress with being on the bit.  Still a ways to go, but I feel very hopeful.
I really do love my horse and she has been such a blessing to me over these many years.  I gave her a beauty treatment when we got back and she really enjoyed that.  She thanked me by rolling in the grass and not the dirt.
Have a great weekend.  Thanks for everything.
Vicki Coleman

The above letter was sent to my by a student of her own accord yesterday, May 27, 2016.

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I wanted to say thank you again for another thought provoking lesson on Josh. I really enjoy my lessons with you.
I am so hoping we can get you up to Lemaliza. I can't wait to have lessons with you on Maestro. He is a special horse and you are a special teacher. As the quote says, " when the student is ready, the teacher will come."

I will be practicing. I took notes on my phone as soon as I got off. :)

All the Best,
Karen Diller

The above letter was sent to my by a student of her own accord yesterday, December 4, 2016.